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Los Angeles digital marketing optimization agency that increases online traffic and revenue for local small business, e-commerce companies, and startups. Our services range from search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), analytics, website design, and conversion rate optimization. We produce qualified traffic that drives conversions.

Verbatim is a digital marketing agency that is forward-thinking obsessed. We begin by defining the right audience. Thru traffic acquisition, we bring prospective buyers to your website — converting visitors into customers. Our marketing strategies don’t end there. We compel them to keep coming back. We think of ourselves, first and foremost, as customer experience architects. Great experiences build relationships. Every interaction a person has with your business forms his or her perception. Our capabilities help fulfill the promise your brand makes. More than a Los Angeles digital marketing agency, we take a vested interest resulting in a true partnership.

Digital marketing optimization begins with website design principles. A proficient designer ensures SEO is integrated with the process. Proper architecture isn’t just for visitors. Search engines look for elements to understand what your site is about. How you classify and focus information plays a vital role. Information architecture (IA) combined with rich content satisfies a visitor’s different needs delivering a visual hierarchy. A well designed site encourages repeated visits. The more informative and easier your website is, the more people will use it.

Conversely, Improper website design lowers visibility in the search results and hinders digital marketing optimization. Furthermore, flawed architecture can negatively impact other internet marketing campaigns. Having an aesthetically pleasing website is of little use if no one sees it. Quite simply, a website won’t be seen unless it’s found.

Without the right online marketing strategy, a website can frustrate visitors and fall behind. Losing valuable market share affects revenue slowing the path for growth. As a leading Los Angeles digital marketing agency, our online methodologies provide an all encompassing, holistic approach. Many small businesses and e-commerce companies struggle with an unbalanced lead acquisition strategy. We not only review existing touch-points but fill in the gaps preventing you from acquiring new ones. Verbatim’s cross-channel marketing has one goal: increase revenue.

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Today’s customer is constantly on the go. They’re likely to Interact with your brand across many online channels. Thru cross-channel marketing, our traffic acquisition strategies turn visitors into customers. By combining organic search, paid, social and owned media seamlessly, you’re seen where customers are. The result is targeted placement that converts. Our services go further by transforming new customers into repeat buyers.

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A Few Ways We Increase Leads and Sales.

We’re a different kind of Los Angeles digital marketing agency. You’ll find other firms have higher fees and less time for your business. At Verbatim, we do things differently. Although, we work with big companies, we’re passionate about helping small and medium size businesses flourish online.

Perhaps your an e-commerce company in need of an SEO consultant or firm to increase conversions? Can’t improve search rankings? Our SEO site audit will uncover what’s impeding search engine rankings and acquiring customers. We include a one (1) hour call to discuss our findings and where to begin. For retail stores or service industry internet marketing, our local SEO services noticeably impacts market share by increasing foot traffic, calls, and sales. No matter your needs, our solutions provide the path for success and growth. Not sure where to start ? Schedule a free consultation.

My website doesn’t represent my business well online.

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I need to drive leads to my website using pay per click advertising.

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