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Full service, Los Angeles digital marketing agency serving small business. e-commerce, and companies with multiple locations. Our services range from search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), analytics, website design, and conversion rate optimization. We produce qualified traffic that drives conversions.

Verbatim is a digital marketing optimization agency that is forward-thinking obsessed. Our online strategies correct short term deficiencies and propel companies for long term growth. We think of ourselves, first and foremost, as “customer experience architects”. Great experiences build relationships. Every interaction a person has with your business affects his or her perception. Our capabilities help fulfill your brand’s promise. More than a digital marketing agency, we take a vested interest resulting in a true partnership. We work with local small business and established brands nationwide.

Digital marketing is an all consuming discipline that requires dedication. A proficient designer ensures SEO is integrated with the design or redesign of a website. To create a great site takes extensive planning and research. Information architecture (IA) when combined with  rich content satisfies a visitor’s many different needs. A site that receives many one time visits does little and misses opportunities. A well designed website encourages repeated visits. The more informative and easier your website is, the more people will use it.

Great website design isn’t just for visitors. Search engines look for website elements to understand what your site is about. How you classify and focus information plays a vital role. Improper design, prevents your site from obtaining optimal visibility in the search results. Furthermore, flawed architecture can sabotage your other internet marketing channels. Having an aesthetically pleasing website is of little use if no one sees it. Quite simply, a website won’t be seen unless it’s found.

As a Los Angeles digital marketing agency, our methodology provides an all encompassing, holistic approach. Many small business and e-commerce companies struggle with an unbalanced lead acquisition strategy. We not only review touch-points with your existing visitors, we fill in the gaps preventing you from acquiring new ones.

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It all begins with discovery. Every business is unique. We assess where you are and where you can go. Through dialogue, we understand the business model, its goals, defining characteristics, and who you’re trying to reach. Further to that aim, we research your industry and identify what’s important to customers. Through competitive intelligence, we not only know your competitors but understand the how, what, and the why.


A solid strategy exists before we launch anything. Everything is thoroughly thought out and accounted for. We design strategies that fulfill the promise made by your brand. We set objectives and timelines all within a framework that you can easily understand. With consumer behavior and technology changing, it’s paramount to have a strategy that can adapt.


Our services are implemented with painstaking detail. Nothing is done without a defined purpose and objective. We take the time to do proper planning. This avoids the pitfalls of confusion and diminishing trust for your website visitors. Our approach is a walk before your run perspective. Using the latest software and methodology, we’re steadfastly in step with a constantly changing online world.


Measurement and ROI. Understand what our marketing initiatives have produced for return on investment. With clear reporting and website analytics you’ll understand the correlation from visitors to leads to revenue. Each online channel is tracked and accounted for. Gain insight into what is working and what needs some attention. Review our recommendations as we continue to optimize for increased ROI.

Without the right marketing strategy, your website could end up frustrating users and fall behind. Losing valuable market share and time affects short term revenue slowing the path for growth. Our digital marketing optimization techniques lay the foundation for increased website traffic. Our cross-channel marketing has one goal: increase revenue. It’s not where you are; it’s where you can go.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to website visibility and market share, search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost affective way to obtain website traffic. SEO is instrumental for a successful online marketing strategy. To obtain top search engine rankings, a website must lay the proper foundation that meets search engine guidelines. Our approach begins with a square one mindset. We ensure the basic SEO fundamentals are right there from the beginning. Our methodology ensures a measurable increase in website traffic and keeps you there. We stay up to date with the latest search engine guidelines and changes in search behavior. Lost search engine rankings? Request a free analysis.

PPC: Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is the fastest means to start obtaining website traffic virtually within 24 hours. It affords powerful and rich features to reach your true audience. Through reporting, one can gain unique insight into the consumer buying cycle which provides indispensable data to make informed decisions. Unlike organic traffic, which takes time and has to be earned, PPC can produce excellent results in a short period. As such, it remains an essential multi channel marketing component. Need pay per click cost containment or improved ROI? Request a free consultation.

Local Business SEO

Standout in local search results. With the shift from desktop to mobile, it’s critical to be found by local consumers. Small business SEO can dramatically increase in store sales. For companies with multi-locations or franchises, a strong online presence begins with local search. 1 in 3 mobile users have made a purchase other than the brand they intended to.

Social Media Marketing

Create brand ambassadors. Tell stories that speak to your audience. Customers not only become loyalists but brand advocates. With the amount of time averaging a few hours a days and increasing, each platform offers something different. It’s important to understand why consumers use one social media platform vs another. Social media isn’t a platform to market or get rich quickly. These are often the foils made. It can lead to commerce with the right strategy, however it’s a community that belongs to users. When done correctly, social media can extend offline and to word of mouth. Furthermore, it can also be a safety net for online reputation, a customer service tool, and for keeping customers engaged.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions provide a strong reflection of whether business revenue goals are being met. There are several conversion types a company can measure against. It boils down to what your trying to achieve. Conversion rate optimization is now a necessity for any integrated digital marketing campaign. With paid search becoming more expensive, it’s more imperative than ever to uncover issues in the sales funnel. No matter how well you think your website is designed, there is always room for improvement. CRO not only improves new customer conversions but improves on the traffic you already receive.

SEO Friendly Website Design

The smart phone is changing consumer purchase decisions. A landing page should facilitate the decision making process. For many years, websites were designed from an aesthetic point of view. Heavy on flash, images, and frames. Furthermore, content could not be always be crawled by the search engines. Early content management systems (CMS) did not always adhere to best SEO practices.

Building a website is similar to building a house. One must build a website that can anticipate future needs and growth. A properly designed website will not only be search engine compliant but provide the right experience for your customers. The result is an SEO friendly website architecture that leverages your brand identity.